“We make cylinders intelligent:

Using next generation position sensing we measure the position of the piston head with microwaves. Additional data can also be acquired for the efficient maintenance of the cylinder, for example, pressure and temperature acquisition. There is also a Logbook function with a recording of the total travelled distance, operating hours, strokes, number of load cycles, min/max pressure and temperature, etc. Increased reliability of the sensor due to permanent self-monitoring.

If you are interested in our sensor or would like more information, please contact a member of our sales team.

  • Features:
  • – Absolute distance measurement
  • – No dead zones: the complete stroke will be captured
  • – X-length capable (stroke lengths over 7,500 mm possible)
  • – Scalable to every cylinder diameter
  • – No need for gun-drilling of the piston rod
  • – Flexible integration with internal or external electronics
  • – Replacement of the electronics possible without dismounting/disassembly of the cylinder
  • – No moving parts and therefore no abrasion
  • – Various customer interfaces: Analog: voltage and current interface, digital: CAN-Bus, Profibus, RS485 etc.
  • – The technology works with hydraulic cylinders”

Display of the sensor data at the BAUMA exhibition in Munich 2019’